4 Tips for an At-Home Wine Tasting - Cariñena

Just because social distancing and shelter in place are in effect doesn’t mean your wine enjoyment and education have to end. Virtual tastings are the new normal. They offer a great way to connect friends and family no matter where they are. To help you host an at-home wine event here are 4 quick tips to get you started.

1 – Make it an intimate experience. Limit your number of guests to no more than 10. That way everyone gets to share their thoughts with equal airtime. This will also help in keeping participants focused.

2 – Pick a theme. Not everyone will be able to find the same wine to taste, so choose a theme that makes it easy for people to get involved. You can go the educational route by picking a general region, specific variety, or style (big, bold reds), or opt for something fun like “best wines to pair with your favorite animated movies”.

3 – Choose a format. Do people want to share tasting notes, the story behind the wine, or how it compares with similar bottles they’ve tried? Decide on a format everyone can agree on (and feels comfortable with) before you begin, that way you can keep the conversation flowing.

4 – Encourage snacks. Including food as part of a wine tasting is always great to expand your palate’s experience and find out what some of your favorite foods are for pairing.