D.O.P. Cariñena Debuts Regional Highlights at VinExpo NY as Spanish Garnacha Shows Continued Growth and Popularity - Cariñena

D.O.P. Cariñena Debuts Regional Highlights at VinExpo NY as Spanish Garnacha Shows Continued Growth and Popularity

Historic birthplace of Garnacha Hosted its First Pavilion and Master Class with Pedro Ballesteros, MW to Positive Industry Acclaim

NEW YORK, N.Y. (March 5, 2019) – The Spanish wine region of Cariñena, the historic birthplace of Garnacha, sponsored the second annual VinExpo New York last week with a regional pavilion at the Grand Tasting and a Master Class led by Pedro Ballesteros, MW. The Grand Tasting experience featured new vintages and old vine selections from Cariñena’s top wineries—Bodegas Paniza, Bodegas San Valero, and Grandes Vinos. The Master Class, “Garnacha Unveiled,” was the culmination of the region’s Garnacha Road Tour, which showcased varietal wines from Cariñena and other leading Garnacha/Grenache-producing regions from around the world. In addition, Grandes Vinos Anayón Cariñena 2013 was promoted as part of the Wine Spectator 90+ Club Tasting Bar, an editor’s selection of exclusive, top-scoring wines.

The timing of VinExpo NY coincides with a global surge in shipments of Garnacha wines. Spanish Garnacha is a popular variety that has increased sales by 50 percent in the U.S. in recent years according to Tasting Panel Magazine. The future looks bright according to Ballesteros and other experts, driven by a refreshing taste profile with wide stylistic range as well as favorable growing conditions: “Garnacha is entering a second period of international relevance because of a number of circumstances,” Ballesteros pointed out. “One of the consequences of climate change is water shortages; Garnacha is quite resilient to drought.”

Highlights from the two-day event included a warm reception from industry professionals who were impressed by the range of wines and price points on offer from the region. In a survey conducted by the region, the consensus of attendees at the Master Class – which consisted of importers, restaurant, retail, and media professionals – praised “versatile, value-driven, and crowd-pleasing” Garnacha as a unique discovery wine that offers “a diversity of origin, styles, and historical importance” and a “nice expression of terroir and minerality.” They also lauded its food-friendliness, approachability, and bold fruit characteristics. “Garnacha/Grenache can span the spectrum of flavors, intensity, and structure, which allows it to be considered for a multitude of occasions. It’s a very exciting varietal because there are so many different expressions that can be conveyed to the average wine consumer.”

Winery representatives from Cariñena are thrilled by the renewed interest in the region and the support of its wines. “We are inspired by the excitement VinExpo has generated for us as we continue to expand our market reach in the U.S.,” says Jose Luis Campos, Communications Director, D.O.P Cariñena. “We look forward to advancing more awareness and availability of our wines in the coming year – and beyond.”

For additional information and images about Cariñena or the VinExpo experience, email Stefanie Schwalb. We can also provide additional insights from Pedro Ballesteros MW and regional representatives from Bodegas Paniza, Bodegas San Valero, and Grandes Vinos. Images from the event can be downloaded here.