D.O.P Cariñena Hosts Ceremony in Memory of Residents Who Have Passed from COVID-19 - Cariñena

On September 27th, the DOP Cariñena hosted a tribute to residents who have lost their lives from COVID-19-related symptoms. The event took place at the time of the region’s annual Harvest Fest, which was canceled to adhere to COVID-19-related Spanish government regulations.

In lieu of a harvest party, the DOP hosted a quiet gathering with DOP representatives to install a plaque to memorialize those who have lost their lives. The plaque was placed in the well-known Paseo de las Estrellas (hall of the stars) in Zaragoza, where the 54th anniversary of the Harvest Fest was scheduled to take place.

“Throughout the years the people of Cariñena have contributed to the success of our region’s wine industry,” said Ignacio Casamitjana, DOP president. “This year the DOP honors the lives of our relatives, friends and co-workers who have lost their lives to this global pandemic.”