Javier Domeque Sanz - Cariñena

Javier Domeque Sanz

Technical Director, Bodegas San Valero

Born in Cariñena, technical director Javier Domeque Sanz studied viticulture and enology at Madrid’s IES School of Vine. He began his career making Cava in Penedés and has been a winemaker for 40 years, mostly at BSV. He is also a consultant for other D.O.P. Cariñena wineries and favors local Garnacha grapes because of their potential for high-quality wines. He is passionate about the whole world of wine “from vine cultivation to the bottling line,” and loves traveling to learn the traditions and technologies other winemakers are using in their vineyards and cellars. “To be able to capture identity, tradition, and innovation is the most exciting part of the whole process,” he says.

He relies on the microclimates created by D.O.P. Cariñena’s soils, topography, and high-altitudes for a wide range of styles in the wines he makes. He is particularly proud of the four Grand Gold Medals BSV received at the internationally renowned Mundus Vini competition in 2018. His favorite local holiday spot is Tierra de Cubas, a small hilltop winery 700 meters above sea level that is one of San Valero’s four holdings. There’s nothing more inspiring, he says, than a walk among the vineyards, “bathed in sun and colors.”