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Sip in Summer with D.O.P. Cariñena

Welcome to the summer edition of the Cariñena newsletter. This issue features highlights from the much-anticipated white paper results of the first Global Garnacha Summit; travel tips on where to go in Zaragoza; regional insights from Master Sommelier Bob Bath; an original recipe for Chicken Chilindrón; information on the upcoming Garnacha Road Show Tour; and Cariñena in the News. Vamos!


Insights from the Global Garnacha Summit 2018 White Paper: Three Key Highlights
On April 24, 2018, D.O.P Cariñena hosted the first edition of the Global Garnacha Summit at The CIA at Copia to great success. A white paper, based on feedback from event attendees, has been compiled to offer insights into the varietal’s current and future prospects within the industry. Read more for three key highlights.


Travel Tips: Six Things to Experience in Zaragoza!
Summer marks vacation time, and Spain is a popular destination of choice. There are plenty of hot spots to visit that will inspire travel lovers worldwide. In Zaragoza, here are six of our favorite things to experience in the city. Read more.





Regional Insights: For Master Sommelier Bob Bath Cariñena Comes of Age
Bob Bath MS traveled to Cariñena this past spring to get immersed in region. His impressions were chronicled in the July issue of SOMM Journal and included extensive tastings as well as winery visits to Bodegas Paniza, Bodegas San Valero and Grandes Vinos. Read more for the top ones he shared.


Regionally Inspired Recipe: Farm to Table, Easy Chicken Chilindrón
A traditional dish from the Aragon region of Spain, Chicken Chilindrón is a classic recipe beloved all across the country. The rich taste especially complements the diverse reds and whites from Cariñena, and it is the perfect dish for summer gatherings. Find the recipe here.


Garnacha Road Show: 2018 Dates to Know
The Garnacha Road Show is launching this summer with a host of events for both trade and wine consumers. Market activations include ECRM in Anaheim, CA, August 26-29; Great Match in Los Angeles, November 8; and SommCon San Diego, November 14-16, 2018. Read more.